#3 Dogs, Opportunity, & Animation

The best time to get a dog, opportunity, and using animation to teach children. 


Sure, I like dogs.

My wife wanted a dog (I did too).

She always loved French Bulldogs so she thought one of those were in the cards for us.

Turns out she called an audible and before I knew it, we had a Sheepadoodle en route.  

Best Time to Get a Dog?

There is no such thing as a good or bad time to get a dog right?


There are lots of "times" in life - you pick one, and you get the dog.

In our case, you pick a time and the day the dog shows up at your house, you end up finding out your wife is pregnant with your second child.

Good times.

Feeling blessed.

You just added four legs to your family and now you have another two on the way.

Turns out dogs are great for a toddler's educational development too.

They can teach him amazing things like: how to adsorb a high speed body check, how to box out and protect his food from predators, and also how to dispose of food that generally does not agree with their palette.

Learning for the win there, clearly.

No smoked salmon please.

Also, it turns out that Sheepadoodle's are quite popular animals.

Call it their general rosy disposition, the fluffiness factor, or their relative newness as a breed, but you get one of these dogs and you get stopped quite a bit.

It's pretty fun actually.

Perhaps none approach with such eager fervor than kids. They just flat out love this dog.... must pet the dog!

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

Peter Drucker


If you are planning on launching a company that maintains as its central tenets:

  • The importance of life long learning.
  • The subject matter should be something you are passionate about learning.
  • The importance of making the learning a daily practice.

You best be learning yourself.

So you learn about new software that comes out.

Turns out Adobe has a new release that lets you animate on the fly? (animation takes a looooooooong time otherwise.)

No way.


It's really cool.

It lets you bring a digital character to life without spending hours animating.

Digital animation tends to be really effective if you are attempting to teach young children.

So, it looks like we are gonna need a character.

Any ideas?  

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