#4 How to use Adobe Character Animator for Conversion Rate Optimization.

An Adobe Character Animator intro, using visual cues for conversion rate optimization (CRO), and the ever-expanding ROI of a digital character. 


Let's start with some context.

Adobe Character Animator (worth a link click if you have never heard of it) is a new program that allows you to take a digital character and animate on the fly, automatically, via your webcam + computer triggers.

Think animation without having to draw things frame by frame. The software does all of that for you.

Pretty slick.

A massive time savings as well as... saving time for the win.

Everybody is talking about how amazing the software is.

What they are not talking about is how to you can also use Adobe Character Animator to improve the CRO on your website.

Believe it.

Visual Cues and CRO

So you have a webpage, some images, some copy, and a button that you want people to click.

One of the ways you can potentially increase people clicking on that button is by using visual cues.

I want you to click this button so I am going to point at it.

I want you to click this button below so I am going to to look at it.

The visual cue in this case is the dog either looking at your button or pointing at your button.

Sometimes they are arrows, or humans looking or pointing at things.

Conventional wisdom + studies say that using visual cues can be effective at increasing your conversion rates.

So how does this apply to ROI?

The ROI of a Digital Character

Adobe Character Animator + your character = the gift that keeps on giving?

Yes ma'am.

Finding a good graphic designer in general is a tough thing to do in my experience, and keeping one once you do find one is even harder.

Getting a good digital character designed is also tough.

But once you do get your hands on a digital character and get it loaded up into Character Animator, you have an ace up your sleeve.

You can turn a few minutes of work in Character Animator into a graphic design machine.

A virtual graphic designer of sorts.


Let me explain.

In just a few minutes worth of work, and with the help of Character Animator, you are able to churn out a multitude of images you can use as visual cues.

Even if you do have the drawing skills to do it, what we have just done in the video would take hours and hours to draw.

Now you can grab these images and use them throughout your marketing: website, emails, print, Youtube, etc.

It really is a powerful way to squeeze some extra ROI out of all the work that goes into creating a great character.

I wonder if it would also work for GIF's?

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