#2 Brands and Colors and Fonts (Oh My)

The importance of brand in today's market, the color palette we opted for and why, and our chosen fonts and its accolades.


30 years ago there were only 3 television networks: ABC, NBC, and CBS.

In the 1980's (I love beer) there were only a handful of breweries.

Remember how many different versions of nursery rhymes existed when we were kids? Not many.

Nowadays you can sit on your couch and potentially watch/stream content from 200 + channels, while drinking a beer from one of 50 different breweries you can find at your local markets, all the while browsing 50 different versions of "Old MacDonald" on Youtube for your toddler to watch.

Competition is everywhere in today's day and age, and in order to stand out and be remembered, having a strong brand has become more important than ever.

The Importance of Brand

If you want to stand a chance today you better give your brand some serious thought.

There are a number of different ways you can do that, and our niche colors and fonts are extremely important in this regard.

People need to know it's you from the minute they have an interaction.

We needed a strong color palette. Not just any color palette either. Turns out there is a reason that all of the children's stuff out there appears to use the same colors.

Children prefer brighter colors as their eyes are not fully developed yet. So not only did we need a distinct color palette, but we needed one that would make us stand out when you see it.

Our Primary Colors

Our Secondary Colors

These are our colors and you won't see anything we put out without some variation of their use. This is our first step towards building a brand you will recognize.

Next step is the font

Onto the Fonts

Fonts are just as important as the colors of your brand.

In our case we needed a great font family for the brand, but more importantly, one that is effective at teaching kids the alphabet.

If your goal is to teach kids to love learning, it stands to reason they will need to learn how to read to accomplish that.

So we wanted to find the best educational font possible, while still finding one cool enough to represent the brand.

So we fired up Google and wired magazine delivered.

We found ourselves not only an educational font in Castledown, but specifically...

Castledown’s guidelines: sans-serif, dyslexic-friendly, and shaped similarly to the way kids naturally write. On top of all that, the font should be a learning tool, helping students to improve their reading and writing.
Castledown Bold and Cursive

This Castledown font has bells, whistles, screams education, looks great on video, and has its own back story.

A teacher in the UK worked very closely with the creators of the font and the font even went on to win the "INTERNATIONAL TYPOGRAPHER’S AWARD 2014."

Seems like the Castledown Font is for the win as well.  

Moreover, it sorta sounds like Casterly Rock and a Lannister always pays their debts.

It even helps teach kids how to write.

First things first though, let's name them all. Let's start with the letter Aa.

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